Four Tapes is an independent record label focusing on different types of experimental electronics. The tape is a symbol referring to the music experiments in the 20th century. For us, people embedded in other time, surrounded by different technologies, is a reference to the spirit of unfettered uncompromising, pleasurable search for our own language. We use other tools. The tape is not the basic medium for us, but important support. It generates randomness, eliminates unnatural silence between successive lines of the algorithm. We are constantly looking for resources to encode what we have to say in the sounds. We are not deluding ourselves that this will be an immortal message, being an indestructible trace our being. Certainly it will pass – but it doesn’t mean that we should be silent.

Our music is available in all streaming as well as digital and limited CDs on our Bandcamp profile. We treat music sales (Bandcamp) only as a form of recognition. To listen to our music you don’t have to buy it – you can use  streaming. If you have more important expenses – focus on them – do not buy our music. but, if you decide support us – we will be able to grow thanks to it. We do not (and we do not want to have) better arguments for buying our records.

Concerts are as important to us as publishing music. We try to choose unobvious places that allow us to focus and immersion in the sound. The concert is a form of meeting for us. For the presentations we don’t need large concert halls and crowds of people.. Maybe our concerts are only a collection of quiet sounds – but it doesn’t mean that we should scream.